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World Food Safety Day & Food Contamination

Published onby ATP Group

World Food Safety Day brings contamination to the fore. According to FAO data, very year there are over 600 million cases of disease caused by unsafe food.

In ATP food safety defense is a priority that rests on an articulated system of certifications, inspections and accredited tests, but also preventive measures such as the adoption of correct behavior in terms of hygiene and procedures based on the HACCP method of risks’ and critical points of production analysis.

All ATP materials and products intended for the food industry are MOCA and FDA certified; in addition, 7 of our materials meet Chinese standards.

Requests on the certification side are becoming more and more demaning. By next September it will be mandatory , for example, to comply with the 15th amendment of 10/2011 which contains stringent changes on the methods of carrying out laboratory analyisis for the verification of migration of plastic material in food simulants and introduction of new simulants.

Challenging changes, which represent an essential step to achieve food security and so we embrace in a positive and proactive way.


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